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What are your prices?

As each job is different, we don't have a fixed rate as such. Our prices are dictated by size, difficulty and the theme of the puzzle if applicable. Get in touch and we'll be happy to give you a quote. And remember, we offer an exclusive 50% discount off your first order!

How do you deliver copy?

All our work is sent via e-mail. Artwork for crossword & puzzle grids is sent as
a ready-to-use MAC or PC file - eps & tif files being the most popular formats.

How much compiling experience have you got?

We've been creating crosswords and puzzles full-time since 1991.

Don't puzzles use up a lot of editorial space that I just don't have?

We can design a puzzle which fits into the tightest of spaces. Just ask!

Can you work to short notice? I need a puzzle by the end of the week?

No problem! We can almost always supply your tailor-made puzzle at
very short notice if necessary. We haven't let anyone down so far!

How difficult are your puzzles?

We can create a puzzle as easy or as difficult as you like. Our aim is always
to produce something entertaining & challenging for your readers and we
can offer a variety of styles - straight, cryptic, general knowledge or even

Can you create a puzzle specific enough to my publication?

Yes! As well as having compiled crosswords around more general themes
such as Sports, Horse Racing, Football, Cricket, Tennis, Motorsport, TV,
Movies, Music & Motoring, we can tailor a puzzle to a very narrow theme.
We have compiled fully-themed crosswords for specific football teams and
cricket clubs for example, as well as creating crosswords tied into particular
sporting events such as Royal Ascot, the Grand National, the UEFA Champions League, Wimbledon & the World Cup. We have produced travel crosswords
focused entirely on the USA and others purely on Africa.




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